Where can I purchase your jewellery?

My jewellery is available to purchase on Not on the High Street, New Ashgate Gallery, and directly from me. Please email me at machidewaard@gmail.com if you would like to ask me about any of my jewellery or purchase directly from me. Free gift wrapping is included. I also exhibit at crafts fairs and other shows, which I will list as they happen here: www.machidewaard.co.uk/stockists-and-exhibitions

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What’s the deal with this book, then?

Silver Jewellery Making book cover

Fellow jeweller Janet Richardson and I have written a book called Silver Jewellery Making. It was published 1 February 2021. It is a book that we have crammed full with as many handy hints as we possibly could! It leads you through learning the basics of jewellery making with 7 silver jewellery projects. Follow this link to read us discussing the book in the Henley Standard newspaper! If you have any questions about it, please email me at machidewaard@gmail.com

Our book is available on:

How long does it take you to make a piece of jewellery?

The short answer is decades! That’s because it takes years to build up the skills to make jewellery, so the finished product is an accumlation of years of learning and improving skills. The first time I make a piece, it takes longer because I have to work out how to make it efficiently and some things might not go to plan. Once I’ve made a piece several times, it does get quicker, but it still depends on the complexity of the work involved. The shortest amount of time a piece will take to make is a few hours and the longest can be many days! If you’d like to see work in progress, you can follow my instagram or blog or twitter.

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Where can I find out about your latest designs?

You can see my jewellery on my website, as you can see, since you’re reading this! But for the latest, you can follow me on social media or email me at machidewaard@gmail.com if you are looking for something in particular. You can also join my newsletter!

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Do you have a newsletter/email list?

Yes! If you would like to join my newsletter, please use the form below. I will not use your email for anything else. See my privacy policy for details.

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Do you do commissions?

I do! Feel free to contact me at machidewaard@gmail.com to discuss commissions. If the commission is something that relates to my work, we can work out the details over email or in person. If it’s something that I think another jeweller would be better suited to make, I am happy to give you recommendations.


What is your ethical statement?

I source my the vast majority of my silver and gold from two suppliers, one of which sells 100% recycled gold and silver (more information here: https://www.cooksongold.com/recycled-metals?ad=mainbanner&slot=1). The other supplier I use to source Argentium silver. Argentium guarantees traceability of its raw silver. It is certified that Argentium is produced using only recycled silver. (Source: https://products.riogrande.com/content/Instruction-Sheets/Argentium-Brochure.pdf) I buy my gemstones from a respected dealer with their own ethical statement, which you can see here: https://wardgemstones.com/ethics-statement

For my packaging, I recently switched to FSC certified jewellery boxes. I use recycable cardboard boxes for posting. I use bubble wrap when I post items, but it’s all recycled in the sense that I have never purchased bubble wrap, I just keep it and reuse it.

Silver and gold are highly recyclable materials and I often make pieces by reusing old pieces of jewellery belonging to either me or a customer.