Silver Jewellery Making A complete course step-by-step course for beginners

by Machi de Waard and Janet Richardson

Award-winning craft book publisher Search Press asked me and fellow jeweller Janet Richardson to write a book about making silver jewellery for beginners.

We have used our combined 40+ years jewellery teaching experience to write Silver Jewellery Making, published 1 February 2021. The book is aimed at beginners and uses 7 projects to guide learners through the basic skills needed to make silver jewellery.

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A beginner’s step-by-step guide to creating beautiful silver jewellery.

Silver Jewellery Making is a practical beginners’ guide to making silver jewellery. Seven step-by-step projects guide you through the core skills and techniques that will enable you to progress to making your own beautiful jewellery.

The tried-and-tested projects have been developed by Machi and Janet, who have over 40 years of industry experience teaching others this amazing craft. The emphasis is on teaching good practice and acquiring the basic techniques and skills to give the reader a solid basis for developing their jewellery-making capabilities.

Tools are introduced for each individual project, and their uses and correct handling explained. Troubleshooting tips explain how to overcome common problems that may arise. At the end of each project, there are examples of how the skills gained can be used to make other items.

The book is perfect for those who wish to start jewellery making either on their own or as a supplement to beginners’ classes.


UK jewelers de Waard and Richardson team up to produce one of the most comprehensive beginners guides to jewelry silversmithing available.” — Barbara Jacobs ― Booklist

“It is a brilliant book and I told all my students about it. Well written and easy to follow, truly a book put together by two people who certainly know their onions. Well done.”  – Grant Forsyth, jeweller and jewellery teacher

“A beautiful “must have” book for anyone interested in making silver jewellery. Bought this book as I am missing my jewellery making class, due to the lockdowns and am so glad I did. Packed with useful hints and troubleshooting tips, this book takes you step by step through 7 impressive projects aimed at the beginner but will inspire anyone interested in making jewellery. I know I shall be using this book for years to come while I build up my skills.” – Sarah Elizabeth Page — Amazon customer

Below are Part one and Part two of me talking about our book on the Jewelry Journey podcast.